Sunday, June 13, 2021

VAERS analysis and snapshots from the Friday, 06/11/2021 VAERS drop

Some VAERS snapshots analysis from the Friday, 06/11/2021 VAERS drop  representing data to 6/4/2021. These tables and charts are produced with R packages (libraries) from CRAN and Bioconductor including data.table, tm, graph, Rgraphviz, wordcloud.  Some of my R code can be found here.  Click to enlarge the screen shots, charts, and word clouds. View this blog on a wide screen.


VAX_TYPE 2020/2021 Comparison

This table compares 2020 and 2021 Deaths, Other.VAERS.log, Life Threating (L_THREAT) fields plus produces line greps for select terms in the SYMPTOM* fields of individual VAERS_ID entries per top 47 VAX_TYPE. Please see for more information about VAERS. Click to enlarge the jpeg: 

Bar Charts

Note: These age chart totals are limited to those samples that have extant age data and representing age greater than or equal to 16. Click to enlarge the charts.

Frequent  Terms 

Column bind list of top 47 terms of 1000,100,1 minimum mentions (respectively) for Symptom* fields word lengths: 3-12, 13-25, 26-50. Uses a 'corpus' produced by the  CRAN 'tm'  (Text mining) packages. This is VAX_TYPE == COVID19 from non duplicated VAERS_ID entries:

Word Clouds

Using the "WordCloud" library in R to show minimum semantic counts from the "Symptom*" fields for terms between 13 - 25 words in length. Click to enlarge the Word Clouds:

Lexical terms for DIED == "Y" or  L_THREAT (life threatening) == "Y"

These are the top 150 Symptom* field entries of a minimum low frequency  count of 75 for the combined data generated from  DIED == "Y" or  L_THREAT (life threatening) == "Y" in VAERS data for VAX_TYPE == COVID19 as of 6/4/2021 data. Click to enlarge the jpeg:

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