Thursday, January 7, 2021

Update on thoughts on mask tech and mask use

I don't know how much my general thoughts on mask use for the general public have really changed in the last six months. I suspect the Swedish stance ( on mask use is probably still being followed in many countries like Sweden, Norway, New Zealand. Immediately below there are some links to some earlier articles I wrote on mask use for the general public and farther below that are some new thoughts I have had on the new 'Covid-19 killing' mask tech: 

In line with the results of Danish RCT study (, I doubt whether most current mask or 'face covering' use by the general public is actually slowing the spread of Covid-19 in the United States. But I think if you are going to wear a mask in the general public, you should take advantage of the latest tech in masks. Some have suggested N95 or KN95 lines of mask because they are now more available. Without a doubt approved N95 masks, if you can buy or afford them, can provide high levels of protection if fitted correctly. 

Personally, I find 3M N95 masks are excellent to wear while cleaning your heating system, vacuuming your garage, sweeping the patio. But I think it is improbable that the general public will don the tight fitting N95s as they pull masks in and out of their pockets between storefronts. What is more intriguing to me are the advances in 'germ killing' masks whose design appears to take into consideration the contamination dangers of most 'mask for the general public' usage.  Google "masks that kill Covid-19" for more information. 

CNN has a long article on this here:  An article on designing better masks is here: . These two vendors below are selling masks they claim can kill Covid-19 on contact: 

Here is the big problem I have with my mask use:  Many of those of us with Asthma (reputedly some ~25M or 1 out of every 13 in the US - see simply can't breathe well with masks on. The snot, flem and the moisture start to pile up inside the mask which really invalidates the effectiveness of the mask and quite possibly makes a face mask a dangerous harbor of bacteria and a possible infection source; although about this danger is some debate. 

If you are going to use a face mask, you should at least follow the CDC recommendations here: Depending on your budget, I would recommend having some number of high quality, comfortable masks that work for you so you can get through the week without washing or reusing old or unclean masks.