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VAERS deaths and symptoms for Covid-19 reported to 01.15.2021: Some questions for Medical Professionals on Vaccine Risk Assessments

Frequent Terms over 20 in Current VAERS Symptoms field for Covid19
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As an update to questions in this CDC post here: "COVID-19 Vaccines: Update on Allergic Reactions,Contraindications, and Precautions"

Note: This post I originally wrote as a response to Dr. Mike Hansen's video post: "Doctor Dies 16 Days After Getting COVID19 Vaccine" about the death of a healthy doctor due to "Thrombocytopenia".

I grepped from a combined symptoms corpus made of  the most recent VAERS (Vaccine Events Reporting) data (12/01/2020 - 1/15/2021) for VAX_TYPE = COVID19. This yielded about 7,804 unique VAERS_ID COVID19 reports. (12.28M had COVID19  vaccinations in the US by 1/15/2021. )  Among other queries, I grepped the COVID19 subset for  the  alpha string "thromb". Results with counts in console table farthest below.  

I now understand 'thromb' is derived from ancient Greek "thrombus" for "clot of blood".  I am assuming from my results that some heterogenous number of diseases result from blood clotting(!!) I think the question is: Does the mRNA vaccine accelerate or activate these symptoms? Does Covid19 accelerate 'thrombus' conditions?  

I see the one death from "Thrombocytopenia".   The query for the count DIED = "Y"  and VAX_TYPE = "COVID19" in the current VAERS  shows 148 deaths between 12/01/2020 of 1/15/2021.   I also show 102 (VAX_TYPE = "COVID19") cases with some kind of "Anaphylact*" (Reaction, Shock) in the symptoms fields. 

The entire world is now working as one to vaccinate their populations. See Some simple projections at these rates per 12M vaccinations  as of 1/15/2021 for an additional120M Covid19 vaccinations in the US at the existing rates of adverse events: 

  •  78,040 VAERS Report
  • 1,480 VAERS death reports
  • 1,020 Anaphylact* shock or reactions

These might seem like an acceptable set of risks if the vaccines actually stops Covid-19! But it won't be for those who lose loved ones to the vaccine.  

My questions :

What advice do medical professionals receive from the CDC  to answer immune compromised patient  and older patient questions about their risks if they take the vaccine? How do medical professionals create a risk assessment for patients for vaccination? Because I have looked through all of this: .And I don't see any patient vaccine risk assessment sheets. 

I should note that as a culture we seem to lack adult discussions about mortality in this pandemic. You can be called a genocidal idiot for advocating that young children return to schools no matter what threat they present to the aged.  And yet if you oppose mandatory Covid19 vaccines based on statistical risk of harm from the vaccine, the side effects of the vaccine are minimized and the deaths are considered acceptable risk. Why such a dichotomy?

Note: It is important to read the caveats about VAERS Data:

Click to enlarge the R Console screenshots:

Deaths associated with Covid19 Vaccines:

Anaphylact* Events (1)

Anaphylact* Events (2)

Thromb* ('blood clot') Events 


  1. A JAMA update on Allergic reactions and Anaphylact* events to the Pfizer vacccine can be found here:

  2. Nice. Real facts! I read that a very low percentage of reactions ever make it to official VAERS report. What do think the reporting levels are!

  3. Observation. Is it really a vaccine with no testing for efficacy. I e. You can still get covid and still have to isolate. Sounds more like experimental chemo on non cancer patients.


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