Monday, April 27, 2020

Graphs, Stats on Age and Covid19, Pneumonia,All Deaths

These are graph and stats on age and Covid19 US deaths from the CDC as of April 28, 2020 from weeks 2/1/2020  - 4/25/2020.   The CDC repository depends on death certificates. There are delay in recording. My code is here.  Density plots are from R density function. I am not quite sure why COVID19.Deaths, Pneumonia.Deaths, All. Deaths line up like stackable objects when portrayed by default R density plotting. There are very high positive correlations between those three death measures as defined by Age Groups.  Click to enlarge the charts and screenshots.


Covid19 and all Pneumonia Deaths 2/1 - 4/25/2020 by Age Groups 1 : 10 from table above.

# R correlation coefficient ( 1 to -1)
               Covid19.Deaths Pneum.Deaths All.Deaths
Covid19.Deaths        1.00000      0.99805    0.99605
Pneum.Deaths          0.99805      1.00000    0.99801
All.Deaths            0.99605      0.99801    1.00000

# Hmisc::rcorr gives P values with correlation table
               Covid19.Deaths Pneum.Deaths All.Deaths
Covid19.Deaths              1            1          1
Pneum.Deaths                1            1          1
All.Deaths                  1            1          1

n= 10 

               Covid19.Deaths Pneum.Deaths All.Deaths
Covid19.Deaths                 0            0        
Pneum.Deaths    0                           0        
All.Deaths      0              0                   

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